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    Mining/Money System


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    Mining/Money System

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:17 am

    There are certain materials you can find when mining and you can choose to either forge them, enhance your weapons or sell them. No matter what your choice may be keep in mind that you can only mine 3 times a day so make sure whatever you get that you use it wisely because it might be a while before you get it again. To determine what kind of material you get, a random number generator will be required while mining to make sure it is all fair play for everyone. The list is below:

    Mining MaterialRandom NumberSell Cost
    Amethyst1,16,31, 52,534,000 Galdos
    Topaz2,17,32,54,98,993,680 Galdos
    Copper3,18,33,34,35,55,56,92,93,94,95670 Galdos
    Silver4,19,36,573,000 Galdos
    Gold5,20,37,58,1002,500 Galdos
    Platinum6,21,38,596,000 Galdos
    Diamond7,22,39,607,700 Galdos
    Ruby8,23,40,61,62,962,250 Galdos
    Sapphire9,24,41,63,64,972,250 Galdos
    Coal10,25,42,43,44,45,46,65,66,67,68800 Galdos
    Emerald11,26,47,69,70,71 2,300 Galdos
    Aura Quartz12,27,48,72,73,74,75,76900 Galdos
    Opal13,28,49,77,78,79,803,790 Galdos
    Onix14,29,50,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,1,000 Galdos
    Amber15,30,51,88,89,90,912,000 Galdos

    When you are at the mining area just set out the random roll then a mod will check your results to see what materials you found. You can mine once or three times in a topic. Just keep in mind that you do mine three times in a topic you are done for the day.

    Since the highest number is 100 and the lowest number is 1 the random roll will be 1-100. Lets see what I get:

    Random number (1,100) : 42
    Random number (1,100) : 81
    Random number (1,100) : 4

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    Re: Mining/Money System

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:53 pm

    So, I have Received Coal, Onyx, and Silver. I can choose to sell these items in order to receive more Galdos or keep them for later use. See it is simple and easy. Now You go and give it a shot and lets see what you get. Happy Mining.

    Money System

    *How the money system works is quite simple actually. Everyone starts off with 5000 Galdos (The currency of the world). And you can earn even more in a plethora of ways:
    -->50 Post gets you 2,000 galdos, 50 more post get's you another 2,000 and so on and so forth
    -->Completing a topic gets you 3,000 galdos
    -->When completing a battle 200 word post gets you 1,000 galdos, The mod of your battle determines how much more Galdos you get depending on your post quality. The Minimum they can give you is 500 and the max they can give you is 2,000. Also your opponent (Human or Shogi) can willingly give you some galdos as well.
    -->Events award money as well
    -->Battling creatures also awards money, its all depending on size however. Small creatures will get you 100-700 galdos, medium sized creatures will get you 1,000 to 2,500 galdos and large creatures will get you 5,000 to 8,000 galdos

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