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    Taiveh History


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    Taiveh History

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:06 am

    Taiveh History

    Years ago a man by the name of David Padilla stopped hiding under a false identity. He revealed a special ability no natural human could have; He was special. During a rally for who would run the old Monarch Company he was fed up with hiding and exploded in a giant flash of light. The moment he had shown the world he was a super human, more people who were hiding just like him began to reveal themselves, and over time nearly everyone in hiding wasn't hiding anymore. The government however had a problem with this. They were a very religious organization who believed that only god should have all powers and abilities and it was their job to terminate and eliminate the superhumans, or as they call them "Shogis" (Super Human Organisms Given Impure Souls). A massacre took place as the Monarchs did all they could to kill the Shogis. Although they did somewhat succeed in killing some of the shogis other A large majority of Shogis and Humans alike left the region, never to return again. As they left and found new land they all Decided to settle. Pretty Soon The Goliath Bird Wing Corporation was formed. The GBW believed that it was wrong to Eliminate Shogis and that human's should cease to exist. For years the GBW and the Monarchs have been at each others throat's waging war after war trying to conquer each other. And in the process of all the war another civilization was formed, one that was neautral from both the GBW and The Monarchs known as the Cyrestinae. They go by the old ways of the world and believe in peace and equality for everyone and that no one has the right to take someones life no matter who they are, it isn't right, no way no how. And till this very day nothing has changed between any of the Corporations, treaties have been denied or broken and sneak attacks have been declared, will the war ever end? or will it go on forever?

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