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    Classified Races


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    Classified Races

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:48 am

    *This Race of Shogis are known to use their abilities by drawing a signature symbol of theirs on a solid surface or engraving it on their bodies.

    *This race of Shogis are known to use a certain body part, whether it be finger nails, legs, bones, veins, etc. They are immune to the pain caused when using their body parts as tools of war.

    *This race of Shogis are known to physically change form in order to use their signature abilities/ability. Whether it is a subtle change from ears becoming elf like or a more agressive change from wings to animal transformation. The transformation they have is limitless.

    *Reggs, are Humans. Nothing less, even though they are humans they are still extremily skilled when it comes to weaponry.

    *This race of shogis has to infuse spiritual energy into a item or weapon in order to use any special or signature attacks.

    *Altamones Require no special requirements to use a move and can freely do as they please when using special or signature attacks.

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