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    Asap Site/Rp Rules


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    Asap Site/Rp Rules

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:13 pm

    ASAP Site Rules

    1. We want respect!

    You should be respectful to the staff AND other members at all times. This means that when you talk to one another or a staff member you shouldn't disrespect them or you'll suffer the consequences. If for some reason a argument starts try to solve it calmly and without insulting. If its not resolved quick and with calm a staff member will interrupt and solve this problem.

    2. Obey the Staff!

    Most of the time when your doing something wrong a staff member will tell you to stop doing it or to shut up. When this happens you should just obey. We don't want anyone rebelling and cursing at the staff. If you got a problem with one of the staff members, maybe because of power abuse or something, what you should do is pm an admin and let them handle the situation.

    3. No advertising!

    Pretty self explanatory. You are not allow to have links in your signature, to post links or to PM link that direct to another site. If you wish to post your link in the advertising section you should first ask for permission to an admin. The admin will decide if the site is appropriated for advertising and will post the link for you.

    4. No Sexual/Pornographic content!

    This is a mature site, different than most PG-13 sites. We are more lenient on blood and gore as well as sexual occurrences. However, there are still restrictions, no pornographic images. You are allowed to have sexual relations IC. This means post saying, "So and so made love that night." and then post again saying it's the day after, or something similar. As far as blood and gore, don't get ridiculous, yes you can say your arm was severed and was bleeding profusely, but don't say your intestines began falling out. As far as language is concerned, yes you can swear, drop the f-bomb once or twice, etc. However, nothing derogatory, no racism, sexism. This is especially reinforced OOC, but still applies IC. I personally will not stand for anything like that and it will result in an immediate banning.

    5.Copyright infringement isn't allow!

    Another self explanatory rule. You are not allow to post anything, that includes videos, Images, Fanfics etc, and claim it yours.

    6.Signature and Avatar size.

    Signature and avatars should have an appropriate size. We don't want the forum to look awful with those huge avatars and signatures. Please try to keep them with the appropriate size and content.


    Likes signatures and avatar, username should be appropriate. No one can be named with a cursed word any sexual word. This might be a mature forum, but no one wants to talk to a guy named A**hole McButtlicker.

    8.Second Character's

    Yes, you are allowed a second character, right off the bat actually. This forum allows each member to have up to 3 characters, however we ask that each character be a separate account of organization reasons. You may make your second character after your first is approved and your third after 100 posts. However, you must RP post with each character at least three times a week, otherwise your alt(s) will be deleted for inactivity. This isn't much to ask for, and it's just so people don't go around making characters and leave them. Also, your alts may NOT interact with your other characters, and you can only have two Captain rank characters and the last one must be lower than a lieutenant or lower.

    ASAP RolePlaying Rules

    1.Quality is required!

    We ask for your post to be a minimum of one paragraph. When we say one paragraph we mean at least 5 sentences! Please try to be specific with your battle moves and stuff. It will make our work easier and it will make the forum look more professional.

    2. No Godmodding.

    This is one common rule in all of the roleplays. This means you can't auto hit or one hit K.O someone. Try to use common sense when attacking and when dodging attacks. Don't make your character uber powerful with no flaws or weaknesses.

    3.No Liquid Time.

    No Liquid time means that your character can't be in two places at the same time. Its impossible for someone to be in one place at the same time. We know its fantasy since this is bleach but we are trying to make this realistic. As a bleach reference example, You don't see Ichigo fighting a hollow and eating food at the same time.

    4. Post should be simple.

    Some people like to use color, italicized or bold their post just because they look fancy. Sure they look fancy but they are sometimes hard to read. When speaking yes you can use color or bold but don't make the whole post bold or colored.

    5. Death.

    Yes, your character can die in this RP, it keeps things interesting. However, you are not allowed to randomly go into someone else's topic and nuke them. Your character can die several ways, most of them are only when you're being dumb. If you enter another groups domain then you're fair game.

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